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The 2015 Finance Law: new provisions relating to legal aid


2015 Finance Law N° 2014-1654 of 29 December 2014  presents numerous provisions relating to legal aid whether with respect to its scope or its financing.

Three scopes are involved:


  • The scope of assistance for intervention by the lawyer

Revision of the principle of remuneration of the lawyer who intervenes in the following cases:

1) Appearance before the public prosecutor
2) Approval of a penal transaction
3) Appearance before a sentencing commission


  •  Financing of legal aid

Various measures of fiscal order became effective as of 1st January 2015.
1) Increase of 2.6% in the tax rate for contracts for liability insurance
2) Increase in the fixed-rate bailiff tax
3) Increase in the fixed fee for proceedings before criminal jurisdictions


  • Admission to legal aid

The 2015 Finance Law, and its Article 2, provides for a 0.5% increase to the means ceiling for the admission to the AJ.

To consult the 29 December 2014 circular of the Ministry of Justice, click here: