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What source is used for information available on the Infogreffe website?

Information concerning companies entered on the Trade and Companies Register with Registries of the Commercial Courts is taken directly from public registers held by said registries. Please find, in response to the below question, a list of documents available on the Infogreffe website.
Information concerning companies entered on the Trade and Companies Register with other jurisdictions (district courts with commercial jurisdiction, mixed commercial courts in the overseas departments and territories) is provided by the National Industrial Property Institute (INPI).
Information concerning companies not entered on the Trade and Companies Register is taken from data on the SIRENE listing held by INSEE.

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What documents are available on the Infogreffe website?

Infogreffe makes the following information available to the general public:

Free information
•    Company search and information form
•    Key figures concerning a company
•    Implementing tracking (free alert, paid consultation).
•    Lists of articles of association and company deeds available.
•    Your formalities with online help to be incorporated on the Trade and Companies Register.

Paid information
View, download, order


Trade and Companies Register
View or order Company certificates of incorporation: the certificate of incorporation is the identity form for a company. You can also request a periodical issue of the certificate of incorporation.

Find out more about periodical issues of certificates of incorporation.

Registered privileges and securities
Fundamental in understanding the debt level and financial solidity of your clients or suppliers.

Detailed annual accounts
Find out the actual figures of companies which interest you: balance sheet, profit and loss account, credit and liability situation. View, order or download documents. Implement free tracking to be notified as soon as annual accounts are published for companies which interest you.

Company articles of association and deeds

Background to significant events.
Consult all significant events arising chronologically during the lifetime of a company. This may be an event concerning the Trade and Companies Register (RCS), filing a company deed or an event concerning "collective proceedings".

Free tracking
This service allows you to be automatically notified by email and/or SMS of any change in the legal and financial situation of the company being tracked concerning:
•    annual accounts (balance sheets);
•    insolvency proceedings, judicial liquidation and administration;
•    privileges, securities;
•    Trade and Companies Register.
You can select your specific area of tracking, and only pay for which you actually ask to consult.

Bankruptcy, judicial liquidation or administration procedures
Keep up to date as soon as possible with developments in all procedures so as to claim your entitlements. Consult:
•    Procedural bodies.
•    Deadlines for proceedings, dates for publication on the BODACC.
•    Rulings and ordinances with the option to order.
•    Assets to be transferred.
•    List of documents and reports filed with the Registry if processed electronically by the Registry.
•    Tracking so as to be notified of initiation of proceedings (by email or SMS).
•    Tracking so as to be kept updated as to updates in proceedings.

Full details
Infogreffe allows you to draft a file in almost no time at all.
The full details file includes a certificate, the background of modifications on the Trade and Companies Register (RCS), latest articles of association update, the results of searches on safeguarding, judicial liquidation and administration proceedings, full debt situation, the latest annual accounts filed within the limit of the last two financial years.
This product is offered by default in view mode and by post.
The list of documents included in this file depends on their availability for the company during consultation.
The price of the service corresponds to the amount of all documents proposed.

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What are the terms and conditions for Infogreffe subscription?

A subscription price of 99 euros incl. tax / annum allows you to:
•    Ensure your details are pre-recorded for each new order. You simply need to use your confidential subscription code.
•    Not to have to use a bank card or pay a provisional amount.
•    To receive a monthly invoice, with a detailed statement of use.
•    To access certain services reserved for subscribers, notably under consulting business activities.

View the subscription agreement.

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I cannot find a company located in Monaco

The principality of Monaco does not have a Commercial Court. However, it does have:
•    a Trade and Industry Registry (Tel. 00 377 93 15 88 90 –
•    a Trade and Companies Office (Tel. 00 377 93 15 88 72).

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Can you use any other payment method than bank card?

Five payment methods are available for non-subscribers:


- Bank card

- Private member card

This is a pre-paid card which you can obtain from Registries at the Commercial Courts and at the Infogreffe registered office: Immeuble Le Parisien, 5-7 avenue de Paris 94300 VINCENNES. Depending on your requirements, it can have a value of 15, 30 or 50 euros. This card allows you to pay Infogreffe for products ordered or fuel your account with Infogreffe.

Further details about the pre-paid card.

- Opening an account with Infogreffe
When you open an account with Infogreffe, you can fuel your account as required: by card, cheque or direct debit. See fuelled account.

- Payment upon invoice by your internet service provider
You can choose to pay your Infogreffe invoices (within the limit of 15 euros per purchase) from the next invoice issued by your internet service provider. If you are not automatically recognised by your connection, you simply need to enter the code and password assigned by your internet service provider at the time of subscription. The total amount of monthly purchases on your invoice is limited to 60 euros. However, it is possible to request a removal of the limit by your internet service provider.


- Payment from your "Internet Plus Pro" invoice

If you have an "Internet Plus Pro" client account, you can choose to pay your Infogreffe invoices via this mechanism. If you are not automatically recognised, you simply need to enter your login and password for "Internet Plus Pro". The total amount of your Infogreffe purchases will then appear on your next invoice.

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Can you find forms used in Registries on your website?

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How to track a company?

Tracking a company which interests you allows you to be automatically notified of any event occurring during the lifetime of this company.

Access company tracking.

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How can you directly return to the personalised home page?

Simply click on the Infogreffe logo or on the Home Page link wherever you are on the website.

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Once registered, how can I access personalised services?

Whatever the type of identification concerning you, click on "log in" below the search bar. A window will appear prompting you to enter your login information depending on your profile: 
•    if you are a member, you should enter your email and password.
•    if you are a subscriber, you should enter your client code, user number and password.

Once your login information is entered, click on the "OK" button.

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What is the best way to view website pages?

To make best use of this site, you should set your screen resolution to a minimum of 1024*768. This will additionally be very useful for browsing other websites.
Concerning web browsers: we advise that you use Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher), Mozilla Firefox (version 2.0 or higher), Chrome (version 10.0 or higher) or Safari (version 5.0 or higher).
These browser versions offer a solid compromise in terms of energy use and quality of display.

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Find out more about company tracking

How can you begin tracking, lifetime, prices, portfolio management, click on the following link:

Find out more about company tracking

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What cookies are issued on

Find out more about information concerning cookies issued by our website on our page Cookies and Statistics page.

You will notably be able to find answers to the following questions:

- What is a cookie?

- Why are cookies used on our website?

- What type of cookies are used on our website?

- What is the lifetime of cookies generated by our website?

- What cookies are issued on our website by third parties?

- How can you express a choice concerning these cookies?

- How can you accept or refuse the use of cookies on

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Any other questions

You can contact us on 0891 01 11 11 (calls from a landline are free notwithstanding any operator costs) or write to us at:


Immeuble Le Parisien
5-7 avenue de Paris
94300 Vincennes

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