File : Role of the Registries

Part 3

Simplifying the procedures

Legal procedures when creating a company

A quality legal system requires exchange and communication tools adapted to the modern world. The court clerks, players in the dematerialisation of documentary exchanges, are engaged in a large-scale project to digitally develop and simplify procedures.

The clerks have developed new high-performance tools in order to respond to the increased need for rapid information exchange expected by corporations, persons subject to the law, and legal and statistical professionals.
In this way, Infogreffe, the clerks' central platform, encourages dematerialised information exchanges with the Registry's various partners: corporations, lawyers, expert accountants, chambers of commerce and industry, trade and craftsman's Guilds, chambers of agriculture, INSEE, Inland Revenue,URSSAF, INPI, BODACC, legal representatives, legal administrators, public prosecutors etc.

An accessible and innovative public service
These dematerialise exchanges provide better services to users; they modernise relationships between the various partners, by accelerating the treatment of dossiers, by simplifying procedures and increasing transparency of the various procedures in commercial jurisdictions.
Dematerialisation and implementation of this electronic communication system simplifies and accelerates exchanges. They provide better information when tracking a matter, and ensure improved administration in favour of persons subject to law and of corporations.