To order your Pre-paid card

Pre-paid card

The Infogreffe pre-paid cards is a practical and economical payment method, designed so as to easily place orders for documents on the website. It exists in two forms: a virtual digital pre-paid card and a physical pre-paid card.

Value of cards
The Infogreffe pre-paid cards are available in units of €15, €30, €50 and €100.

Where to buy the cards

  • Online, on the website
  • At the head office of Infogreffe : 5/7 Avenue de Paris - 94300 Vincennes
    Tel: 08 91 01 11 11
  • Or at your local commercial court registry office.


With pre-paid cards, orders can be made securely and easily, while managing your budget.
You choose the amount that suits you: 15, 30, 50 or 100 euros. The card is valid for 24 months from its first use.

A single payment tool lets you pay:
• any orders or documents that you have viewed on the Infogreffe site (Kbis extracts [registration certificates], balance sheets, debt statements, liens, receivership and court-ordered liquidations proceedings, etc.)
• Kbis extracts ordered by voice server on 0 899 70 22 22 (1.34 euro inc VAT for the call + 0.337 euro/min inc. VAT). You will then receive them by post or fax, depending on your choice.

Added security: You are not required to enter your credit card number, instead you use the numbers and the codes for the card.

Peace of mind: you have complete control over your budget since the orders made on the site are limited to the amount available on the card.


The Infogreffe digital pre-paid cards are virtual cards that you receive by email in pdf format, and can be used immediately. You can transfer them to a staff member or print them out.
> Order by clicking here.


You will immediately receive your digital pre-paid card online. Once the payment has been made on the site by credit card, the order confirmation is displayed, you will receive your digital pre-paid card by email with its instructions for use and your invoice.

On making your first order, please log in, you will receive confirmation that your account has been opened by email. The date of the first order will trigger the 24-month validity period for your pre-paid card.

For all your subsequent orders, simply enter your log in details to be recognised.

It's very simple to use.

With each new use, enter your card number on the payment page and the payment code provided in ascending order (each code contains 4 figures and is valid only once). Confirm to pay.
You can then continue to order until your credit expires.