The Certigreffe Digital certificate enables companies to exchange all their documents (quotes, contact, purchase orders…), over the Web, in complete security, and to perform their remote procedures.

The Certigreffe certificate provides proof of the existence of documents online, the identity of the issuer and the integrity of the transmitted message.
This pricing, simplicity of use and multi-purpose framework make Certigreffe the most sold certificate in France.

Access the dedicated website www.certigreffe.fr

in detail


The Certigreffe electronic certificates act as electronic identity cards, in the form of USB flash drives, and are useful for all your formalities.
The registrar of the Commercial court, a civil servant and ministerial officer, verifies the requester's identity and guarantees the quality of the certificate issued. CertEurope operates Infogreffe's certification services.
Certigreffe contains the surname, first name, email address of the holder as well as the SIREN [registration] number and company name.
In addition to being a certificate for all your formalities, Certifigreffe provides confidentiality and guarantees the security of all your interactions on the Internet.


With a Certigreffe electronic certificate, you will be able to:
• perform your online formalities with the Commerce court registry offices such as orders to pay, modification of articles of association (change of business activity, proprietor etc. ) and filing annual accounts electronically.
• Perform all on-line formalities such as tax declarations (VAT), employee declarations (URSSAF, Net-entreprises), as well as vehicle registrations.
• Facilitate exchanges with your partners using the electronic signature, for sales contracts, invoices, purchase orders, etc.
• Tender for public procurement contracts.


The Certigreffe certificate is approved and recognised by the French State, it is therefore compatible with all online formalities.
It is recognised by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, ACOSS [supervisory authority for URSSAF] and by the Ministry of the Interior.

It is compliant with the security regulations of the RGS ** [cyber security database]. These security regulations require government authorities to ensure that their IT systems are secure.


You can order your Certigreffe certificate online by going to the "Get a certificate" section of the dedicated site www.certigreffe.fr or by clicking here.
Please have your SIREN [company registration] number ready.
You will need to enter the registry office of your local Commercial court: if you do not know which it is, you can search by clicking here.
Download and print the certificate order file, add the supporting documents and send it to the address specified in the agreement.
After your file is checked, you will receive your certificate within one to ten days.

The certificate order file must include the following documents:
• Subscription agreement signed in duplicate by the bearer. You can download this agreement by clicking here.
• Proof of identity of the certificate holder (passport, identity card or residence permit).
• Payment by cheque (made out to GIE Infogreffe) or wire transfer (RIB [bank identity slip] for a subscription agreement).
• Authorisation to request a certificate by the legal representative or certification representative, that you can download by clicking here.
• Proof of identity of the legal representative (passport, identity card or residence permit).
• Letter of attorney for the certification representative (if appropriate) that you can download by clicking here.

After your file is checked, you will receive your certificate within one to ten days.

You can also make an appointment with Infogreffe by calling 01 41 74 72 72, and go in person, taking your duly completed file (you can fill it in directly online), printed and signed, as well as of the above-mentioned documents:
Immeuble Le Parisien
5-7, avenue de Paris
94300 Vincennes

If you are ordering for a local government authority, please check the specific requirements by clicking here.


Its price, its ease of use and versatility make the Certigreffe the most popular digital certificate sold in France.
1-year subscription: 119 euros ex. VAT
• Annual subscription price: 59 euros
• cryptographic support price: 60 euros

3-year subscription: 237 euros ex. VAT
• Annual subscription price: 177 euros
• cryptographic support price: 60 euros

Please note: The digital USB media are valid for 3 years. They must be replaced after this period