Statistics Observatory of the Trade and Companies Register

Trade and Companies Register

Infogreffe provides statistical data on the creation of companies. The statistical observatory processes registrations and cancellations performed by the commerce court clerks on the Trade and Companies Register. These are the most accurate statistics concerning the creation of businesses.
The information is updated, completed and modified every month. Follow our figured analyses: they constitute a unique statistical observatory.

The Trade and Companies Register (RCS) is the legal publication register for traders and all companies. It is a veritable government register of businesses; accuracy of the information is guaranteed by legal and regulatory verifications performed by the registry officer. Registration is of crucial importance because it guarantees the that the trader is registered (in the case of physical persons) and that the legal entity is registered (for companies).

Rulings initiating insolvency proceedings

These procedures make it possible to avoid the threat of a company being dissolved; or it organises liquidation of the company when that has become the only possible solution. The protective procedure provides a means of resolving the company's difficulties in a legal framework in cases where the company is not yet defaulting on payments. Where the company can no longer meet its financial obligations, it is obliged to declare itself in cessation of payments so as to receive the benefit of receivership or judiciary liquidation.

These procedures can also be initiated by the summons of a creditor who will file proceedings with the court, or where the court itself initiates proceedings.


National statistics

Consulting statistics by registry office…

Each registry office makes available to the public the statistics belonging to its jurisdiction. To consult them, look for the relevant registry office.