Supervising formalities

Follow-through procedures and Kbis in course of processing by the registry offices

Simplify your procedures: online tracking of a procedure filed with the commercial court registry office; you can receive notifications by e-mail whenever there is a change of status.
You may access a procedure at all times using the dossier number attributed when you initiate the procedure.

Click here for a list of registry offices that possess this feature.

Access to the supervising formalities:

Supervising formalities



If you would like to know the progress of your application filed at the registry office, begin by selecting the registry office.

Depending on the registry office, different criteria will be suggested. Please then fill in either the file number that you were sent, the company name or the RCS registration number.

•    Searching by file or reference number: if you know it, please enter the file number of the formality you were given by the centre of company formalities. Using this number, you can find out the current status of your application. If you entered you application on the on-line formalities site, you can search by specifying the tracking reference number which you received after filling in your application. If the formality has not yet been recorded by the registry office, you can also ask to receive an automatic email when it is registered.

•    Searching by company name or RCS [registration] number (only for certain registry offices): if you do not know your file or reference number for the formality, you can search using the relevant company name or the RCS number.


After entering the mandatory criteria in the formality tracking form, you will either be redirected to:

•    a page without any results;
-    You may have entered the wrong file or reference number.
-    If this formality was recently registered at the registry office, it is possible that it has not yet been recorded in the register of new company registrations. In this case, you can enter your email address to receive an automatic email when this formality is registered.

•   or to the results page for your formality. You can then view the status of this formality as well as its details;

•    i.e., you will see a list of results (several formalities found during the search). You should then click on the details of a formality to find out the progress in processing and go further.


All the registration, modification or deletion formalities for a company currently being processed by the registry offices of the commercial courts, as well as the formalities completed in the last 15 days, can be viewed online. However this feature is currently only available in certain registry offices.
Click here for a list of registry offices that possess this feature.


If your search has been successful, you can go to the detailed data sheet for the formality in question. You can enter your email address on this page in order to receive an automatic email alert if registry office modifies the formality.

There is no charge to sign up for this service. After you have signed up to this alert, you will automatically receive an email notification when the registry office makes any changes to the formality. You will then be able to go to the new detailed data sheet for the formality in order to see what has been changed.