Procedures Guide

The Procedures guide allows entrepreneurs and decision-makers to have a reliable, precise and up to date overview of legal procedures and measures concerning commercial formalities to be undertaken. It is broken down into 6 sections in which you can find information and documentation required for formalities with Registry Offices at the Commercial Courts.

Registration of a commercial agent

Documents to be attached to the file

A copy of the writing signed with an authorised party, referencing the contents of the agency contract or, in the absence thereof, any document establishing the existence of such a contract, translated, if necessary, into French.

A copy of the support contract for the business plan for formation or resumption of an economic activity, certified as conforming by the legal representative, if applicable.

If the commercial agent is married under a community property or conventional regime, attach a signed and dated statement of the spouse acknowledging having been informed of the consequences on joint property of debts incurred in the exercise of a profession.

Click here to obtain a declaration template

A copy of a form of identification for the interested party: copy of a valid passport or national identity card or a two-sided copy of a valid residence permit, if applicable. The status indicated on the residence permit must allow the holder to register with the Special Register of Commercial Agents.
For non-resident persons of foreign nationality, also enclose a copy of the receipt of the declaration made to the prefect of the department in which the person wishes to perform their commercial, industrial or artisanal activity, depending upon the nationality of the person concerned.
A duly completed and signed AC0 printed form. Please be sure to indicate: the selected old-age insurance fund for non-employed workers and the social welfare family allowance.

An original power of attorney from the commercial agent if he or she has not signed the AC0 printed form.

A statement of non-conviction and of family relationship.

A photocopy of the French national insurance card (Carte Vitale).

Attach to the formality a cheque in the amount of €27.23 payable to the order of the relevant registry office of the commercial court.