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Role of the clerk

As a public and ministerial office, the clerk is responsible - as are clerks in other jurisdictions - for administrative services at the Court, welcoming people to the court, keeping registers, updating matters and storing minutes and archives. However, the registry at the Commercial Court is also responsible for keeping the Trade and Companies Register, managing insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy) and keeping the pledge register (securities and pledges). Its role is mainly to attend to legal publications for any entity, without that entity needing to provide justification. The clerk (registrar) is a liberal professional in the service of the commercial legal system, and players in economic development.

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Infogreffe provides distribution of legal and economic information on business companies on behalf of all of the Registries of all French commercial courts.

As an extension of the public services provided by court registrars, Infogreffe's mission is to facilitate access to its services and to dematerialise all the principal procedures and dealings with registrars.
The information provided has legal validity.


The National Council of Registries at Commercial Courts represents the profession with ministries, parliamentarians, employer and union organisations. Within the district of each appeal court, the commercial court clerks elect a member of the National Counsel whenever they have more than 5 members in the court. When this is not the case, the National Council member is elected by a college made up of clerks of the court of the appeal Court district and those exercising in a neighbouring appeal court.

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The GIE of the Registries at the Commercial Courts