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Notice of the CCRCS: hatcheries, incubators.. what references should be declared to the RCS in the event of shared premises?

"Nobody may operate domiciliation activities without the prior approval of the administrative authorities, prior to entry on the trade and companies register" (art. L. 123-11-3 of the Commercial Code). 
"Approval […] is issued by the prefect of the department where the domiciliation company has its registered office or, if the registered office is in Paris, by the Police prefect" (art. R. 123-166-1 of same Code).
In notice n° 2013-024, the Coordination Committee of the Trade and Companies Register (CCRCS) indicated that a company having its registered office in jointly shared premises, should justify the real nature of the address declared by presenting a copy of the domiciliation agreement (as defined byarticles R. 123-167 et seq of the Commercial Code) indicating the references for the prefectoral agreement (for which provision is made by article L. 123-11-3 of the commercial code). 
In practice, this prefectoral approval shall take the form of an administrative deed (decree) to which a number is attributed. It is this number which should be indicatedin the domiciliation agreement filed with the registry office for entry on the RCS.