mar., 23 juil. 2013 16:32:00 +0000

Insurance: lack of interest by ETI managers in risk management

The 2013 report published by Mactavish, risk research and analysis firm, has shown an inadequacy between risk taking by intermediate sized companies (ETI) and the management of same risks by insurance companies and professionals.
French industrial ETIs and their commercial environments and regulations have suffered from frequent and intense changes. This involves a high level of risk and their requirements for insurance. However, a lack of interest by ETIs for risk management has been observed. The latters only focus on the prices, to the detriment of added value of greater cover which will of course be essential in the event of any major incident.
This report highlights the need to improve on these issues and implement an insurance governance strategy so as to consolidate the reliability and pertinence of cover: efforts made by insurers to improve investment standards and the reliability of cover and reasonable efforts in time and financial resources by ETIs. The study has proposed methods to promote the quality of investments.

The summary report issued by Mactavish is available here.
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