ven., 20 sept. 2013 08:41:00 +0000

Company transfer in the framework of a generation contract

Provision had been made that the aid paid when the company manager (aged at least 57 years old) recruits a young person under 26 years of age (or under 30 if disabled) in the framework of the generation contract be suspended in full if the company manager should leave.
Since 14 September 2013, it was decreed that when a young person is hired in the framework of a generation contract, in the perspective of being transferred the company, the rule shall now only be applicable in the event of departure of the company manager within six months following the first date of performance of the permanent employment contract of the young person. The aid is now maintained if the company manager leaves after this date.

Access decree no. 2013-815 of 11 September 2013