ven., 29 nov. 2013 17:15:00 +0000 the site which secures the lawyer's signature or the "lawyer's deeds"

Since the law on the modernisation of legal professions no. 2011-331 of 28 March 2011, lawyer's deeds are a new legal tool which secure legal deeds concluded by private individuals or companies in all areas of law. They provide greater legal security than privately signed deeds which have no security as to the date of drafting or information provided to the contracting parties. The lawyer's counter signature concerns all legal deeds, with the exception of those requiring conclusion of an authentic deed, which remains the prerogative of notary publics in terms of property and estate. 
The website is a national service created by the profession, with a view to centralising registration of lawyer's deeds, which allows for digital storage, storage of an original copy and re-issue of the digital copy, of any deed countersigned by a lawyer. Lawyers are therefore offering an electronic, complete and sustainable service with a guarantee of representation of deeds concluded.