ven., 15 nov. 2013 14:10:00 +0000

2012 overview of the National Delegation for Combating Fraud (DNLF)

In its report published at the end of October, the DNLF summarised all actions led by directors and competent bodies in this domain in 2012, as well as the results achieved. Consequently, fighting fraud would appear to have been more effective in 2012, whether in terms of social or fiscal matters: 20% increase in the total amounts of detected fraud, for all bodies and services, corresponding to 4.6 billion euros.
Another indicator on the rise was the amount of departmental anti-fraud operational committees (Codaf) who have been effective by a 65% increase of activities led in their remit. This represents a total financial impact on fraud estimated at 193 million euros. Finally, audits in 2012 led to significant results: a 10% increase in legal notices and penalties in the framework of tax audits; a new record in the total amounts received due to illegal labour by the URSSAF (€260 M).