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Crowdfunding: faced with enthusiastic investors, managers remain cautious

According to a poll conducted by the Think pour Lendopolis Institute, the upper council of the order of chartered accountants and the Entrepreneurial Trade Show, nearly one French person in two would be inclined to lend or invest money in TPEs-PMEs, nearly 75 billlion euros of annual potential loans, using participative financing: « crowdfunding ». 

This study reviewed the opinions of French persons and of entrepreneurs on crowdfunding on the occasions of the 22nd Entrepreneurial Trade Show. One notes a strong trend in financing the economy, 66% of French persons recognising « crowfunding » and 7% of French persons claiming to have already loaned or invested money on one of its platforms.
The Decree relating to participative financing, adopted on 16 September 2014 could help to strengthen this trend.

47% of French individuals are ready to invest, thanks to certain fiscal benefits which it represents. In fact, 18% of their investment can be deducted on their income taxes regardless of the amount of such investment.  Which represents 24 million potential investors.

Entrepreneurs represent 76% of those recognising crowdfunding and 33% intend to utilise it to finance their development.
However, only 23% perceive crowdfunding as a means for gaining visibility in terms of communication. For business leaders, it is perceived, primarily, as a financial means of support when faced with certain difficulties. It first relates to addressing the reticence of banks (58%), the lack of a requirement of security or a personal guarantee, then for the possibility of completing it by more traditional bank financing (32%).

Finally, crowdfunding is a means of financing which presents advantages to management and new entrepreneurs, as it could allow them to submit their projects to internet users as well as to become known to a broader public, to analyse the market in real time by gathering the reactions of likely clients.