mar., 23 déc. 2014 11:20:00 +0000

Crowdfunding: six proposals for a new company funding method

The survey undertaken by the crowdfunding observatory* has shown that French people are increasingly often adopting "crowdfunding" or participative funding, notably due to the increase in the number of sub-platforms and the emergence of sector platforms. Indeed, according to this survey, 59% of French people believe that crowdfunding is a sustainable manner for funding the economy.

The second crowdfunding assizes organised by the Ministry for Economy and Finance were the opportunity to take stock following implementation of the legal framework of this method of commercial funding, on 1 October. The association Financement Participatif France (FPF) formulated six proposals pertaining to this project with a view to development of this sector.
They concern different methods of crowdfunding: donation, equity and loans.

The primary ideas from these proposals are as follows:  

- streamlining access to crowdfunding for local authorities and associations;

- facilitating the unionisation of investors via creation of a holding firm: crowdfunding company for their project;

- re-implementing the principle of proportionality for the supply of non complex financial titles;

- opening up access to loans for legal entities;

- introducing tax deduction for losses observed over loans, and introducing a tax rebate for interest received.

The objective of these proposals is to streamline access for companies to crowdfunding, to promote the potential of investors via holdings whilst protecting them, and implementing tax equity between them.  
It is also a question of allowing companies to fund projects on the basis of platforms as well as for private individuals. Moreover, the objective is to encourage risk taking by private individuals and legal entities by securing their potential financial losses.

One of the strengths of crowdfunding is that it allows for awareness of complementarity of funding methods which are now available for companies.

*The crowdfunding observatory : Survey undertaken by the Adwise agency for Crowdfunding in France, over a sample of 2,000 people.