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Publication of the decree concerning the compensation of lawyers intervening on behalf of legal aid

Decree N° 2015-271 of 11 March 2015 concerning compensation for interventions of lawyers on behalf of legal aid was published in the Official Journal of 13 March 2015. It includes diverse modifications and additions to Decree N°91-1266 of 19 December 1991 implementing Law N° 91-647 of 10 July 1991 concerning legal aid.

It notably establishes the State's contribution for a free hearing, as well as postponement, before the public prosecutor.

The compensation allocated to the lawyer appearing during a free hearing of a suspect or during arguments is set at 88 euros before tax. The person assigned to the lawyer assisting the person summoned before the public prosecutor is set at 48 euros before tax.
The decree also sets at 61 euros before tax the amount of compensation allocated to the lawyer assisting the person in custody during interrogation as anticipated by Articles 695-27, first paragraph, 709-1-1, 716-5, 803-3 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and at 100 euros before tax for hearings and arguments as anticipated by Articles 141-4 and 709-1-1 of the same Code.