mar., 10 déc. 2013 18:15:00 +0000

Study concerning 300 directors: strategic risk management is developing

A global study entitled "Exploring Strategic Risk" published by Deloitte and led by Forbes Insights in Spring 2013 surveyed a total of 300 company directors across the world on issues related to strategic risk management. These directors were not chosen by chance, they represent the majority of countries in the world, the five main industrial sectors and their companies all have annual income in excess of 1 billion US dollars.
This study has shown that strategic risk has become a major concern for businesses. Notably in terms of the risk of reputation, with the rise in social networks. Over 9 in 10 respondents confirmed that they had changed their approach to strategic risk management in recent years. 53% of companies questioned believe that new technological advances such as mobile, social or big data can threaten existing business models. And over 9 in 10 stated that they had changed their business model since the appearance of these new technologies.