ven., 16 janv. 2015 12:46:00 +0000

Google tops the list for mobile audiences

Google retains the top spot for mobile audiencesaccording to Médiamétrie (on In October 2014, it recorded close to 29.9 million unique visitors. Its largest rival is close on its heels: Facebook (with 648 million unique visitors).

For other competitors of the most popular search engine: Yahoo, its US counterpart is in the top 3 and is in 6th place with 10.4 million unique visitors. The search engine has also seen a relatively significant reduction, and has fallen to 19th position.

In October 2014, event and ticketing sites and apps attracted 6.3% of mobile internet users : apps under the sub-category "Events" have recorded one of the sharpest rises in audience numbers since April 2014: over 42% in 6 months, equating to 2.1 million unique visitors in total.