mer., 29 mai 2013 10:09:00 +0000

Afnor standard and validity of Internet reports

By way of a decision of 27 February 2013, the Paris Court of Appeal (Section 5, Chamber 1) provides clarification concerning the validity of on-line reports, and notably respect for the rules set forth by the Afnor standard so as to shed light on the recognition of software copyright. In this case, use of a bailiff's report to approve the role played by one of the three presumed authors of the "Facebook dislike" software was in question. Whilst the bailiff was blamed for not having verified the DNS servers as required by the standard, the court believed that "this standard was not compulsory in nature and only constituted a collection of best practices. Therefore, an argument based upon failure to observe this standard, notably for verification of DNS servers, is not relevant".

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