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Obligation of funding 50% of healthcare cover for private sector employees

Article 1 of the draft bill on the security of jobs as voted by the Senate on 14 May 2013 makes provision for implementation of a complementary health system to be offered to all employees. The law includes the national interprofessional agreement (ANI) of 11 January 2013 which should be applied by 1 January 2016 at the latest. This measure will benefit some 3 to 4 million employees who do not have access to mutual health insurance in the framework of their company. The latter shall be under the obligation to implement a "base" health insurance cover jointly funded by half by the employer and half by employees and which will include a minimum level of guarantees. This minimum will be defined by a decree following negotiations between social partners.
Company managers are entirely free as to the choice of complementary health insurance to be taken out for employees. The branch may recommend a collective insurance without subscription being imposed. Branches are however legitimate to define a minimum basket of options more precise than the national basket which will be defined by decree.