dim., 23 févr. 2014 17:07:00 +0000

3% progression on the French digital advertising market

According to the 11th edition of the e-pub observatory undertaken by PwC for SRI (Union of Internet Advertisers) and UDECAM (Union of Consultancy and Media Purchasing Companies) the French digital advertising market has increased by 3% reaching over 2,700 billion euros in net turnover. The share of digital in advertising expenditure represents 22% of the total, which is lower than in the US, Germany and UK (respectively 24%, 30% and 35%).

"Search", sponsored links on search engines have continued their growth (+5 points) and retained top spot in the digital mix with 58% of online advertising in France.

"Display", the most traditional form of online advertising, is the second segment in terms of value, and increased by 2 points in 2013 and represents 26% of the same market.

Other levers have withstood the crisis: affiliation has progressed by a point ; idem for comparers ; emailing has shown a fall of 1 point over the whole year.

Consult the detailed results of the 11th Observatory of e-pub SRI-UDECAM