mar., 31 mars 2015 09:01:00 +0000

Contract law reform: the launch of a national consultation

The Government launched a major consultation on the reform of contract law within the framework justice reform for the 21st Century and the law for modernisation and simplification of the law and procedures in the domains of justice and internal affairs.

This major consultation is, first of all, based on the reflections and academic work conducted on the subject for several years. Secondly, it gathers the advice of parliamentarians, economic and social players as well as those of citizens directly on the internet site of the Ministry of Justice. The text will be additionally communicated to affected administrations as well as to experts, academics and patricians. Thirdly, the draft law will be examined and, as the case may be, amended, by the Parliament.

Three axes comprise this reform project: (1) to make contract law more readable and more accessible; (2) to reinforce protection of weakened parties; (3) to make the law more attractive.

A twelve-month period was granted by the legislature to the Government for publication of an ordinance. The filing of the draft law for ratification of the ordinance will therefore take place before the end of the first half of 2016.A