mar., 24 sept. 2013 15:45:00 +0000

A study has revealed the lack of collaboration between the IS Director and marketing director

According to an Accenture survey led in 10 countries with 400 marketing managers and 250 information system directors, only 1 in 10 believes that "collaboration between their respective posts is sufficient". A surprising result is that according to the survey, the primary sticking point does not come from the IS Director. Over 3 in 4 IS Directors state that closer collaboration between IS management and marketing management is important. Only 57% of marketing directors agree with this.
The survey has attempted, additionally, to identify the causes of such a discrepancy. According to Accenture results, both entities do not appear to be in tune with the use of technology: "In the eyes of marketing executives, collecting information about clients is the primary reason justifying their collaboration with IS teams; whilst the IS Directors place this argument in tenth place in their list of motivations. " In conclusion, favouring the relationship of trust between strategic partners within a company would appear to be the best manner of increasing collaboration of these leading stakeholders and therefore overall company performance.

Access the Accenture survey (in English)