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Looking for business funding ?

Infogreffe is leveraging its expertise and content to facilitate entrepreneurs' access to the credit market by launching in partnership with Findynamics. This innovative platform aimed at mobilizing major French banks and alternative financing solutions market leaders to boost funding start-ups and Smes projects'.

It is critical for entrepreneurs who want to create or develop their business to get funding as soon as possible in the best possible terms. From this ascertainment was born the idea of

Entrepreneurs will now be able to access a loan application in just three clicks on the platform which makes it an easier process.

Infogreffe provide the economic and legal information on businesses which makes possible for financial institutions to easily and reliably check the existence and financial health of the company that is seeking funding.

The complementarity between Findynamics, a broker on the stock market, and Infogreffe, a legal and economic information provider on businesses constitutes a great benefit for start-ups and Sme's in need of funding and for their lenders partners. Infogreffe enable his website's users to access the offer, a Findynamic's website section that offers assistance in obtaining business financing/funding. The loans forms' fields are pre-filled with accurate and certified Infogreffe's data on the business that wishes to benefit from offer. Since Infogreffe is the official source of the legal information on businesses, integrating its data in the form enhances the entrepreneur's profile towards the lenders and therefore gives him a better chance to get the loan approval. Findynamics relies on the expertise of SysperTec Group, a software publisher already supplying 160 banks.


According to Infogreffe President, Bernard Bailet, "since the launch of datainfogreffe as a start-up, the law Clerks of the commercial Courts have been committed to servicing businesses in order to facilitate and support the French economy. In this context, the launch of 1pro1cré partnership was an obvious next step."

« 1pro1crédit is a 100% free service for the lenders and fasten the financing process for French businesses. Thanks to our partner Infogreffe, loan application forms are pre-filled with the accurate legal data which enhances loan applications towards the lenders. That is what makes our platform so unique and promising.» explains David Destemberg, Co-founder of Findynamics.